Working on and contributing to NotGovUK


Pull requests are welcome but it is probably best to open an issue first to discuss what you think needs to change.

I would like this project to be as easy as possible to both consume and contribute to. To that end, if you think any of the documentation isn't clear please do let me know by raising an issue or a pull request.

Finally, this work is still at quite an early stage. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please do get in touch.

Working on this repository


The following sections will assume that you are on a UNIX-derived operating system (e.g. Linux, Mac, etc.) and have the following software installed on your system:

  • Node.js
  • pnpm
  • (GNU?) Make

Pulling NPM dependencies

You should first pull the NPM dependencies by running:

pnpm install

Bringing up a local development environment:

To work on a component you will probably want to bring up Storybook. This can be done by running the following command:

npm run storybook

Running the tests

To run the tests use the following command:

npm test

Running the documentation website

You might want to locally preview the documentation website. To do so, simply move to the 'docs' app with:

cd apps/govuk-docs

Then bring up the application in dev-mode using:

npm run dev

The application will take a little while to build but when it is done, you will be able to access it at http://localhost:8080 .

Adding a new component

You can add a brand new component using the included generator by running:

npm run create:component

See also: Working on your project