Get started

Working on your project

(Ensure you have first set up your project.)

Your project is a monorepo managed via pnpm. You can build multiple packages from this one repository. Packages come in the following varieties:

Note: If you would like add more varieties you can do so by modifying your [pnpm-workspaces.yaml] and [plopfile.js].

Getting started

In order to work on this repository you will need to install pnpm.

Once you have it installed you can pull down NPM dependencies for the entire project by running:

pnpm install

Creating a new package

To create a new package, simply run:

npm run create

This is all orchestrated from your [plopfile.js] so you can modify how it works.


Installing your packages

You will often need to install the libraries and components that you create into each other or into your applications. This can be done just as you would install any other package:

pnpm install @{{{ dashCase name }}}/your-new-package

Under the hood, this will create a symlink so you need not worry about updates. This helps when working on mutliple packages at the same time.

Your documentation

Your project comes with its own documentation application to allow you to easily document your project, including any components that you create.

You can run it as you would any other application in your project:

cd apps/docs
npm run dev

We advise that you set up CI publish your documentation site when pushing to the master branch.

Continuous Integration

You project comes with configuration files for running Continuous Integration (CI) via GitHub Actions. These files are found in the [.github/workflows] directory.

If you add the required secrets to your GitHub repository, it is also possible to quickly set up Continuous Deployment (CD) for your documentation to Netlify.